Tuesday 7 October 2014

X-Wing Rebel Aces - Keyen Farlander is the man!

Rebel Aces was released last week, and what a set it is.

There is no doubt that the big card of this release is Keyen Farlander. Being able to use stress as a focus token when attacking is insane....so how do we take advantage of this? By running the following:

Heavy Laser Cannon
Push The Limit


Jan Ors (HWK)
Kyle Katarn
Blaster Turret

Bang on 100 points. Basically, Jan is the lynch pin in opening the door to do some serious damage. At range three, you can bump up Keyen to have five shots......in fact, you can have Keyen firing five shots at any range. Push the limit gives him the ability to get that much needed stress token. Always target lock with the second action....always. You may opt to take a focus token as the other action just to have something on the defensive. Just remember to always use the stress token instead of focus.

The great thing about this list is that you have the option of boosting Wedge. Now, no one can argue that Wedge isn't brutal. I usually play him very aggressively in this list. You can shoot him in range 1 of something, and then have the option of giving him the extra shot. It can really go a long way for your opponent to know that they can either face 5 shots with a target lock and focus.........OR five shots from Wedge...scary. He by himself can take out one ship a turn at range one. His -1 to your dodge is brutal.

The synergy keeps flowing into Jan's load out. Basically, once you start taking on stress to give Wedge/Keyen their additional shots, you can use Kyle to gain free focus token when you perform a green move the turn after. You will need it to fire your turret anyway, so it works well. Plus, having another 3 shots at PS8 won't hurt!

This list is both fragile and deadly. In my first game with it, I dropped two enemy ships before we had even reached below PS8....insane. The amount of shots Keyen can put out at long range means you really can't hide anywhere but out of range.

Give it a go guys, see what you think.

- Out.

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  1. This upgrade has made my Rebel offering about invincible against any Imperial squad.The Farlander burden out of "Autoblaster" devastates while including "Sensor Jammer" keeps the B-Wing in place sufficiently long to deliver decisive punch.Including A-Wings to the blend using "Chardaan Refit" to maximize upgrades permits me to field a 5 boat Rebel squad.On two events this squad has taken out 100 point Imperial squads without losing a single ship.Makes the Imperial Aces upgrade look like flight school chumps.

    -Tina long.


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