Friday 10 October 2014

40k Conquest review

Conquest is here! The latest 40k related released from Fantasy Flight Games has landed into stores and has begun to suck up our sweet gaming money. Let me start out by saying that the game is GREAT. Here is why:

There is no doubt that the 40k fluff is one of the coolest parts of our hobby, and this game really captures it – in my opinion. Essentially speaking, it is a card game, but in many ways it is much more strategic than the actual table top game. Let’s first start out with value.

The starter box here in Australia costs $56 (Good Games Town Hall), and includes decks for ALL SIX races....and when I mean decks, I mean a fully playable competitive deck. Each box comes with two player dials (which are essential for play), and enough tokens for two players. Now, this game is just designed for multiple players pitching in to buy a number of boxes. There are five of us here splitting three boxes....which works out to be $33 each and we get three sets of the decks, plus all the stuff we need to play. Now, why not just split a box between two people? Surely that’s cheaper? Well.....yes it is. However, in the starter decks some cards only come once. Now this isn’t debilitating by any means, but if you want to add some real flavour to your deck, and have one that plays differently to other people, you will need a few copies of each card. 

The game itself is great. Granted like any other game it takes at least an hour to get the rules through your head, but once this is over it is great fun. Me, being the Dark Eldar fan of the group.......went for Dark Eldar. Surprise! TommyH took Space Marines, Spicerack has taken Imperial Guard and Ruby has taken Orks. Tau is going to our good mate Optimus Prime Time, and Chaos is going to one of our X-Wing mates. What about Eldar? Well no one has taken them, so myself and OPT will be allying them in. 

Dark Eldar essentially play by spamming Khymera tokens and playing a great load of tricks on the other player. For instance, there is a great card called “Raid” which means you steal resources from your opponent, and It is Dark Eldar specific. I think this fits in extremely well with the Dark Eldar style of play, as do most of their other cards. Wait, token spamming? No Spamming! No’s okay, the game (like everything of FFG’s) is extremely balanced. Sure I have a heap of tokens that do a huge amount of damage if left un checked......but they die the second anything with an area of effect attack happens (basically some units can area effect damage a group of cards – usually any form of squad has this ability). 

Talking about themes, all of the races have a unique play style. FFG has done a great job in capturing how the races in 40k should play. I would urge anyone who has a favourite army to just stick with it in Conquest. You won’t be let down.

Okay sure it is a card game, but you really don’t notice it. Don’t fall into the trap that some people are just calling it “the magic” of 40k. It is really a great game. Plus, it being sold at a rapid pace must mean something? Right? 

Give it a go.

- Out.


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