Friday 7 March 2014

Dark Eldar March to War - First Reavers

Howdy folks!

It's been awhile since my last post, but I now have some free time on my hands. And so my Kabal begins the preparations to march to war.

I'll be writing this series as I make progress, as regularly as I can, hope you enjoy!
(Note: pictures are taken on my hobby space, so lighting isn't always the best)

So, the first unit assembled is this unit of Reavers, who represent the first members of a squad of nine. Made up of a Cluster Caltrops reaver, an Arena Champion with Venom Blade and a Reaver with Heat Lance, this unit was the first unit I tested my colour scheme on. Each is at a different stage of the painting cycle, but the Heat Lance reaver gives a good image of what the finished product will be. A few more highlights, and painting the gun will bring him to a level I am happy with.

The main red colour is built up from Mephiston Red, slowly layering on progressively lighter shades of red, thinned down with lahmium medium. 

Purple details are basecoated Naggaroth Night and then layered with Xereus Purple. This will then be highlighted with Genestealer Purple, as soon as I can get hold of some.

Metal engine components are painted using a roughly 1:1 mix of Boltgun Metal and Abaddon Black

The fabric details are painted to look like 'human' skin, using Bugmans Glow and a lighter skin shade

Blue details are picked out with Hoeth blue, and OSL (my first ever attempt) created using extremely thin layers of the blue paint. Overall, I feel a lighter shade of blue would of created a more striking effect, and this will be tested on the other models.

Thanks to my fellow bloggers, I now thin down my paints to a higher degree, which allows them to be layered easier. So to all you beginners out there thin you paints, don't get caught in the trap that easy coverage is better. Use either plain water or some form of clear medium, such as GW lahmium medium.

Any and all feedback (and advice) would be appreciated, especially on the paint scheme, as I am always eager to improve!


  1. Hi. Paint scheme looks great. Only thing is maybe add a contrast colour to make them pop/stand out a bit (poss on visors?). Also do you use a wet palette? I have found using one invaluable for thinning/keeping paint

    1. The visors I plan on keeping steel coloured, however I do feel I need to add another colour somewhere. It is hard to see on the pics but there are purple areas, which are gonna be much lighter, but are not finished yet. Any suggestions apart from the visors?

      Currently I use a normal palette, and thin the paints using a medium individually.


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