Thursday 6 March 2014

Think Tank: Weekly releases.

My thoughts about the new weekly release schedule are pretty clear. It was one of the best moves by GW as there is just so much more flexibility with new releases. We no longer have "tyranid month" or similar. The design team must be working on overdrive to fill out the schedule, and thumbs up to them. Here are some of my other thoughts:

I think the old system of 40k/Fantasy/40k/Fantasy releases will slowly be replaced by 40k/miscellaneous/Fantasy. There is some evidence for this present for the March releases. Sure it is, so far, mostly 40k, but that doesn't mean something similar won't happen to fantasy. The Hobbit still has a number of models (bear) to be released, and I highly doubt they will wait until next December to release it. 

Talking about these so called "miscellaneous" months, the imperial knight was a big hit. My local GW sold out within the opening hour, and there was a long que for the store order point. I even saw a few people ordering the triple knight bundles! I think, in this case, the rumour mill was hugely successful in launching the knight. Leaked pics were orgasmic to a lot of the community, and I don't doubt that they began saving up money just from the early whispers of its release. 

So far, GW has made a killing from their new format. As I said before, the knights were huge. Dwarves were also a massive hit. The new models are fantastic, and by drip feeding them to the community, we didn't have our partners asking where all the money went in ine week. I still don't think that they have quite got the supplement releases down yet, but it's nice to see a CSM wave hitting this month with Crimson Slaughter. The problem I have with supplements is that they don't have unique models, but that can be a discussion for another day.

I'm pretty certain that the Imperial Guard release will be the biggest of the year. Not only sales wise, but  in model releases to. Spicerack has been saving money for months now, and I'm pretty certain that almost every guard player will be doing the same. One of the main pieces of news I'm waiting for are the Guard supplements. This will be a huge hit if done correctly. Guard are still a formidable army, and I'm sure that them getting a re launch will shift the top tables.

My final thought. The rumours about 7th edition 40k will be an interesting one to watch. I can't see it taking up the entire month, they can't spread one book over three weeks of releases. Anyone got a guess as to what they will do?

Or any thoughts about the entirety of what's above? (Rubbish).

- Out.

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