Thursday 6 March 2014

What kind of player are you?

Recently, here at 40K WarZone, with the help of our local GW, and others, we have been able to schedule a few tournaments, and the first thing I realized was the variety of people that came to our first tournament. 

I would never generalize and I don't want this post to cause any controversy or hard feelings from anyone. This is an ironic post, far from truth, and all from my humble point of view. I repeat, not talking about anyone in particular. 

I could separate the kind of players in several groups:

The Ultra-competitive Ass
This is the kind of player that would do anything just to win, including cheating. He/she doesn't care about being a good sport. For them the tournament is all black or white, win or lose, no middle ground. They will push the rules to the limit and they care only about winning, at any cost. They score 0s and 1s in Sportsmanship and at the end of the tournament they wonder why they didn't place better, even though they won ALL their games. In one particular example recently, I found myself talking after games with their opponents and felt I had to apologize for the random pairing against these guys. It's something I never imagined it would happen. That's how bad it was. 

The Ultra-competitive Easy-going. 
Competitive players from head to toe. Broken lists pushing the rules to the limit, YET, fun to play against or with. TommyH, Crazy424 or Spicerack belong to this group (yeah I don't know about me here - Spicerack). They can be ultra competitive, and some of them would get frustrated when things don't go the right way, but they won't start an argument over silly stuff and they will be flexible and mostly forgiving. THESE are the kind of competitive players that we want in our tournaments, not the previous ones. 

The Suck Ups
Some of the players would come after every single game, over the whole day, just to talk with us about how they could have won if it wasn't because of bad rolling, or because of poor luck, or because of the Holy Spirit... They would ask us every single detail about their scores, and try to get information about the others. They would be fake friendly to us, but when you see that same guy a week later and he won't even say hello to you, you understand. They didn't care about anything involving the tournament. Just about them.

The Genuine Players
There were people that we didn't know at all, came up to this shop for the first time, and were friendly as hell with us. They would talk with us between games, or even after the tournament, not about the games or scores, but about them, where they came from, giving us feedback to improve, asking us information about the blog and how to help.... They even liked our page minutes after leaving the tournament, and promised us that they would try to bring their mates the next time. Once again, THAT's the kind of people that we like. A huge thanks for them, cause they made our day and pushed us to keep working. 

Not talking about inexperienced players, or new players. I'm talking about experienced players that had been players for years, yet have no idea about rules or anything. I don't particularly mind it, but some players got upset when playing against them. 

The Let's kill some shit player
I would say that 3 Colours and I are included in this group. We don't particularly care about creating OP lists or anything like that, yet we still love playing our WK or Centurions. We just don't spam them. I, in particular, get confused with rules all the time, so always before starting the game I say "I'm dreadful with the rules! If you have to stop me cause I'm doing something illegal, just tell me. It's not cheating, it's ignorance". We just enjoy the game and the fun part of it, trying different shit all the time even though we know they probably won't work. 

The That was awesome player
Similar to the ones above, yet awesome to play with. Our famous painter Plebicidal is among them. I swear, I was walking around tables, and stopped for like 15-20 minutes just watching his game cause it was just plain fun. Both players were really easy going. No broken units, just fun armies. They were not worried about the match, just about having fun. Doing challenges, fun plays... If I remember well, the game finished with one warlord hiding around with one wound left... Those are the kind of games that I love to play. 

Once again, this is my point of view. That doesn't mean I'm right or wrong, that it's true or false. Didn't try to offend anyone, it's just how I saw things happening. Where do you think you are, and what kind of opponent you rather play with?

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