Wednesday 18 June 2014

X-Wing: Sportsmanship problems?

There can be no doubt that Good Sportsmanship is expected across all gaming systems. However, X-wing, as I have found, deals with it in a pretty specific way. The rulebook itself tells you what to do, especially in tournaments.

I would say the most common argument in X-Wing games is about bumped miniatures. In game where EVERY single degree counts, you would be pretty annoyed if you had lined up your ship for a perfect angle to then find out that your opponent has bumped it out of place. In most social situations, it is just a case of placing it back. However, what to do when you are in a tournament, and the two of you can't decide about the original placement of the model? Well, rule number 1? Hold your models at ALL times when anyone is moving around your ships. The basic principle is to put one finger one you models base before placing the movement template. The same should go for your opponent. If you find they are bumping their model, by accident or not, just a simple request to hold them will suffice most of the time. The reality of the tournament rules is that when movement is disputed, the T.O will NOT give you the benefit of the doubt.

Another common issue is mistaken movement selections. It's happened t me before, and to my opponents. You place the dial accidentally moving in the opposite direction to what they should have done. One of my opponents last week accidentally flew off the board! In this situation, your opponent may ask if they can take it back - putting you in a very awkward position. Thankfully, FFG has put in their tournament pack that if you place the wrong direction, then it's your own fault and you should NEVER put your opponent in the position of letting you retake that move. I would never ask to replace it, not even in a social match. However, at the end of the day It is up to you. My advice to you is if your opponent flies off the board and you feel like giving him/her a second chance, that you treat it as if you have performed another Red move with a stress token - I.E. you, the opponent, get to change the dial to a white move.

What are your experiences with these types of situations?


  1. i have not yet encountered the second problem, but as for accidental moving of ships, it is solved very easily by placing a small piece of blutak on the underside of the base. it makes it very difficult to knock the ship, but still easy to move it when you want to.

    1. Nice one. We were considering magnetising our star maps and bases.

  2. Good points!

    Here in Spain, until now, we have had no problems at it...

    But from the beginings, what we do is to put the 1 straight forward template at our ships´s base side, and remove the ship. Then, the rival does his movement, and then we put buck our ship and remove the template... hope that helps


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