Tuesday 17 June 2014

Refreshing the hobby - sale!

There comes a point in your hobby life when you turn around one day and realise you have WAY too much stuff. In my case, I have four armies of 40k and three for fantasy. My aim now is to refresh my hobby by cutting down to a single army in each system! Meaning I am keeping Dark Eldar (with a few tidbits of Eldar) and my High Elves. This will hopefully give me enough time to get both of these armies up to a decent standard of painting. I am definitely moving towards a more casual gaming scene, and away from the 100% battle tournaments (except for X-Wing!). This means I won’t need my Wave Serpent Spam army taking up an entire corner of the room. The realisation that I don’t have as much time as I used to has finally caught up with me, and many models are just left sitting on my desk to “be painted.” However, handling so many projects is hugely consuming, so I will sell off what I have spare.  I think out of everything that is being sold off, my OOP Wulfen models are the most difficult to let go of. They are really cool models, and I hope that GW brings back the Wulfen legacy in their new codex. Anyway, It seems my Fantasy armies are going up for exchange for some painting, which will be great for my High Elf army. Phoenix guard here we come!

- Out.


  1. Where are posting all the stuff you're selling?

    1. Wargaming Buy, Swap and Sell on facebook mate. Brilliant page!


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