Wednesday 13 November 2013

Warriors Code

Hello everyone.

I've just read a report on some exciting new developments from the Throne of Skulls event.
I give you.... The Warriors Code!!!!

Well this is gonna be intresting! What do you think?


  1. Most of these policies are already in force at GW events in Australia. I do agree that the "3 colour minimum" is a crap system. Three colours that have been washed and highlighted is okay, but not Black undercoat/silver gun and white eye sockets. I had an argument with a red shirt over my rat ogre/talos conversions for grotesques. I was eventually allowed to use them but it took a while for the staff member to approve it.

  2. I wonder if third-party resin bases are allowed under those rules.

    Other than that, it seemed like a pretty reasonable list to me.

  3. I think I liked the false hope I got from Faeit 212's post better than actually getting the information on what this Warrior's Code thing was. For a second there, there was a glimmer that GW was going to make a move towards standardization of their game, but alas, no dice.
    Interesting concepts though. One thing they didn't cover though in their rules is what about models that don't currently exist in the range?

    1. They cover that under the explanations below in the "proxies" section.


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