Wednesday 13 November 2013

Two Month Tyranid Release?

Tyranid rumours have dried up recently. The leak of the Hive Guard box has ignited a storm of speculation surrounding December's release. What could it be? Rumours are pointing towards Tyranids and/or the expansion boxed sets. A Hobbit release could just as easily be on the tables still, the new movie is due out and GW does have licensing requirements to fill. Who knows.

Let's look at the possibility of a two month Tyranid release. Back in September, no one would have believed a two month Dark Elf release. However, GW dropped one on us. The DE update was tremendous and has set a precedence for what GW is capable of. Could it be possible for Tyranids to be the same? Yes.

The leaking of the Hive Guard box suggests that they are definitely imminent. After the leakage of the box, there has been an influx of "nids coming in dec" rumours. Some of which, I am sure, are riding off the back of the leaked image. However, when we consider the fact that leaked images usually concur with an impending release, it becomes entirely possible.

"but 40k Radio said January!"

Yeah, they did. The boys at 40k radio have been spot up until they were slapped with a GW stoppage, and a lot of other rumour sources said January also. So we 'know' a few things:

Firstly, that reliable sources have said January.
Secondly, that an image has leaked mid Novemeber - suggesting a December release.
Thirdly, that GW is capable of putting a major update over two months.

I want to believe it's true. A big update to the Tyranid range would keep everyone happy. I just hope that the codex update has enough big beauties that can absolutely eat Tau and Eldar for breakfast. No one really knows anything until more pics are leaked. A lot of the community has been awaiting the so called "leak" coming from Fritz40k, that was supposed to occur four days ago, but I'm beginning to think they don't exist. I'm happy to be proved wrong though!

- Out.

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  1. Please be true. I dont play bugs, but I want to see it happen!!!!


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