Monday 14 October 2013

Know Your Rules: Attacking Fortifications

I facepalmed this morning. 

So we had the NSW Masters Wildcard playoffs yesterday (Sunday) and Crazy and I attended. You can see what we were running here:

Overall it was an extremely enjoyable event. Crazy managed 3-1 wins, and I managed 2-2, winning the first two games and losing the last two. 

My last game was against a Grey Knights player, running Coteaz, an Inquisitor, a Vindicare Assassin, 6 plasma cannon henchmen (2 squads of 3), some strikes, a 12 man unit of death cults & crusaders in a storm raven, and 2 Dread Knights. Coteaz and 3 plasma cannons were in a Bastion.

We were playing Crusade (d3 + 2 objectives) in your average 12" deployment. Unfortunately for me Coteaz rolled up Ignores cover and took Prescience - so there was no escaping the hurt for my objective holders, as there was not a lot of Line of Sight Blocking Cover.

While it was an extremely enjoyable game, and my opponent was great to play against, I was unclear on a rule; how do units attack buildings in close combat?

I had 10 tactical marines about 4" away from his bastion, as they were trying to secure an objective. I was going to attempt a charge, but wanted to be sure on the combat rules vs his bastion as I didn't want to be clustered up for his Plasma Cannons if I didn't do enough damage. I want to make it clear here I completely understand where my opponents interpretation of the rule came from. I also should have known, or at least checked, but I took his word for it. 

My opponent told me that ONE model from a unit can attempt to throw a grenade into the bastion in close combat. This would do d3 hits resolved at the Strength and AP of the grenade (so Strenght 6 ap 4). He would have taken these hits on Coteaz and his 2+ save, and I would have been unlikely to do damage (even though he would have suffered instant death from the hit, had he failed his save). The henchmen also wouldn't have been allowed a save had the wounds been allocated to them, but due to the unlikeliness of actually inflicting damage with only d3 hits I decided not to charge. 

What my opponent told me, unfortunately for me, was incorrect. 

EVERY model within 2" of a fire point can throw a grenade into the building instead of striking in combat. Each grenade inflicts d3 (which is where my opponents understanding of the rule came from) hits at the Strength and AP of the grenade. If the grenade is a "blast" range weapon when thrown, it instead inflicts d6 hits. As I had 10 Tactical marines outside his building, that would have been an average of 15 str 6 AP 4 (Krak Grenades are not blast weapons) hits into his Coteaz and 3 man Henchman squad that gave my army so much grief. 

Coteaz only had to fail 1 save to suffer instant death, and the henchmen aren't allowed a save as the grenades are AP 4. As I only found out about this ruling this morning, I was quite frustrated with myself, as statistically they would all be dead following this grenade assault, and I would have been free to claim my objectives (as he didn't have a lot left to contest - I simply couldn't hold due to that very efficient unit!). 

I'm really, really not one to complain about losing a game - one of my biggest gripes is sore winners/losers. They shit me to no end! The error was in the end completely my fault as I didn't check/didn't know the rule - so no hard feelings at all after such an enjoyable game. 

Hence the article! Don't let the same happen to you guys. If you aren't sure/don't know, it's best to check; your opponent may also make an honest mistake as above, and it could potentially effect the game. 

Are there any rules that you think should be brought to people's attention? 

Alles gute, 



  1. Before I receive a torrent of abuse, I'm more of a casual gamer so my lack of knowledge of rules is not something that worries me too much.

    Playing against Ruby, we've had so many of these moments that I've lost count. The most notable are:

    * Most recently, my confusion of the Turbo Boost rule giving my fast skimmers a flat-out move of 30" (without Star Engines) - it should be 18"

    * Ruby's Wrath of Khorne which killed eight Dire Avengers - should (arguably would) have scattered

    * My Heavy 2 Blast being a single template with 2 hits on each model underneath - should be 2 templates which both scatter

    * Ruby's AP3 Power Mauls killing a LOT of 3+ units - should be AP4

    * "Wounds cannot be allocated to models not engaged in combat (i.e. not within 2" of a model in base contact)" - Wounds are assigned to the closest models first, then all other models until expended or the unit is destroyed

    Thankfully, Crazy and Siceralc often point us in the right direction during our match reviews and we know for next time...


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