Friday 18 October 2013

Adepta Sororitas: What are you expecting?

So the big news: Sisters of Battle are coming tomorrow.

A LOT of people have been waiting for this for what feels like an age (myself included). Now they're finally coming - and are we as excited as we thought we would be? 

Well here's what we know (thanks to Games Workshop, strangely enough...):
- New Warlord Traits 
- New Wargear
- Updated Faithpoints system
- Sisters of Battle squads can now be taken in squads of 5, not 10 (yay!) for 60pts base. 
- Sisters of Battle can always take 2 special weapons, regardless of squad size
- Veteran Sergeants are now optional, but the characters that come with the squad can take a combi weapon. 

The ability to take 5 men units with double special + combi is huge. If meltas stay true to costing only 10pts, and trusty old Rhinos 35pts, you're looking at:

5 Sisters 
- 2 Melta Guns 
- Combi Melta 
- Rhino

For just 125pts. That's insane. 

Now while that isn't the most survivable unit in the world, imagine 5 or 6 of them coming at you, plus the other 1200+ points of their army (if we're talking 1850pts). 

I'm also extremely hopeful about a new faithpoint system. While nothing has been confirmed, GW has mentioned some slight "changes", but has not let on at all. 

What would you guys like to see? I'm hoping something similar to the old system of faith points, where characters generated 2 points, and squad sergeants generated 1. As the battle progressed you would lose points as you spent them, but gain them again as your characters died. The faith abilities were also not unit specific for the most part, which made every unit extremely versatile. Please come back!!!

So what're your thoughts everyone? Are sisters about to... *battle* their way back to the top? And what do you think we will see in terms of warlord traits and faith points? Looking forward to hearing what you all think! 

Alles gute, 


  1. I really hope that penitent engines get something. Even Just a points reduction.

  2. I'm thinking the puns just keep getting worse...

  3. Saint is more expensive... And she can only come back once..
    - Uriah is more expensive, lost fnp but gives a bonus to shield of faith.. And fearless
    - kyronov (spelling) is gone
    - cannones is ok still cannot take a jump pack
    - faith points are gone
    - acts of faith are passed on a leadership test...
    - ACTS OF FAITH ARE ONE USE ONLY! ( a banner allows u to use it twice)
    - exorcist got cheaper but didn't change
    - warlord traits are handy
    - all sisters have a 5+ Deny the witch and still have a 6+inv
    - repentia got ok, their faith point is a 3+ fnp

  4. I don't play this army, nor am I familiar with it. I just hope that the codex update is good enough to get another army out on the table regularly. Diversity is amazing.


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