Saturday 29 June 2013

Your opinion: Apocalypse. Rip off or worth it.

New apocalypse has been released. A few new models that look really cool, like the necron's monolith, average ones like the space marines, and ugly as shit like that thing from Khorne. Checking out prices, the big ones were, if I remember we'll, 170 AUS$. One of the terrains was 235 AUS$, and all the space marines are 39 AUS$. Seriously, prices are getting a little bit crazy, in case they weren't enough already.
Do you guys really thing it's worth this investment for apocalypse? If you can use the models in normal games with a different profile, I would say definitely yes, but if they are models just usable in apocalypse, I think they're not worth it at all. 

Once again, what do you guys think?


  1. Fortification= yes
    New Super Heavys= meh
    Marines= fu k off
    Book= maybe

    1. Fortifications might be interesting although it will heavily depend on rules. Be hard to beat a standard quad gun and defence line.

  2. i disagree
    the necron "thing" is just a revamp of the monolith with spiders on the side
    the khrone lord is a classic from the 80tys wich got a reall cool sculpt and looks very much like Khorne should. Compare that with the demonen Khorne motorcycle!!!

    but i do agree on the prices
    the terrain is very high priced and the marines aswell (but who really buys them?) most dramatic is the collectors edition wich doesnt even have the rulebookand also no templates... the 2 most important things IMO. I guess this is just more of the same GW policy we have known for ever.

    1. Did you see the YouTube showcase of the collectors edition? It is hilariously bad. "Made to look like an ARTIFACT from the 41st melenium."

  3. The most hilarious thing is that the ONE product I MAY have even purchased was the big box of mechanicum dice...........they sold out after an hour.

  4. Not sure how successful this'll be outside of the big store organised events that no one in their right mind would think of going to. It seems more like a MOAR MONEYYYYY concept at the moment.

    I've always been interested in apoc though, there's something mesmerizing about being able to actually deploy all 200 infantry models and 20-something tanks and flyers on one board. It's just a shame the damn things take so long.


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