Sunday 30 June 2013

40k Supplement: Farsight

Well if you haven't been keeping up to date with recent news, July's White Dwarf explicitly tells us that the next supplement to be released in the coming month will be for Tau: Farsight Enclave.

Let me say one thing first. I have absolutely zero interest in Apocalypse, so when my subscription of White Dwarf appeared on my Ipad, I had very little motivation to get down to reading it.......until I saw the one little snippet about the supplement. Wow, I really wasn't expecting to see another supplement until Space Marines came out so this one caught me by surprise.

A Farsight supplement "similiar to Iyanden" is difficult to believe. Firstly, he already has access to a much larger body guard unit. Secondly, he already has a set Warlord trait. What could there be? Crisis suits as troops is something that would be freaking awesome (or at least scoring). Maybe the old codex has some hints:

1. Preferred enemy (Orks). Makes sense to give the army this USR.
2. Force organisation limitations (No Ethereals, Kroot or Vespid and a lot of 0-1 units). 0-1 unit's don't exist in 6th edition so it is unlikely to see any 0-1 restrictions. No Ethereals, Kroot or Vespid would be at least a change from current Tau armies (Ethereals and mass Kroot) and would more than likely also include no Riptides (if going by Fluff).
3. Free bonding knife? Quite probable.

Vs Iyanden it will be great to see where GW is going with different ideas of Supplements. 1-5 Spiritseers might be translated to 1-5 Fireblades? I hope so (especially if you can't get an Ethereal). Some new system options? Or perhaps Special Issue wargear can be doubled up? The fluff makes it seem rather limiting as they are supposed to be cut off from the rest of the Empire but they may have developed their own systems. Of course all of this can be completely negated by the fact that White Dwarf suggests that they have "new background." We will see.

With Apocalypse not being released until the 13th, it means that the possibility of a paperback version of the supplement won't be available until at least August. Does this mean we will begin to see supplements being released on a monthly basis? Who knows. There is also a few rumours floating around BOLS that there will be a second Eldar supplement for 2013. Another Craftworld by the sounds of it. I'm hoping for Saim-Hann.


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  1. Farsight is not my favorite caste, but it would be nice to have more options that the plain codex. Another way of getting extra money GW...


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