Friday 18 October 2013

Dark Eldar Codex Update: What could they even get?

We know that every codex release has been fronted by an array of new models. Yet, I'm at a complete loss as to figure out what Dark Eldar could actually get. 

I have read all of the Dark Eldar fluff - including the books, and fail to even come up with a reasonable idea. Of course, Centurions, Riptides and WK's all came out of no where but they at least can be explained in some way by the

What about flyers!!!!! No, we have two already.

Perhaps some form of anti-air vehicle? Doesn't seem very Dark Eldary to me. 

Maybe some extreme monstrous creature that the covens have thought up? Would need to be particularly hilarious. An over-over sized Talos maybe?

Or, maybe an oversized Ravager? Lol, that would be great.

Personally, my money is on some new Skimmer Tank that has some crazy weapon mounted on it. Something similar to the Reaper?

What do people think? Shoot ideas down below.


On a side note, I think Grotesques will be re-launched as a model. The current ones are terrible and I am yet to meet a player who doesn't use some form of conversion for them. Maybe they will become the new badass unit, similar to what happened to Wraith Guard. Please.......make them Beasts....please GW. 



  1. there are DE rumors?! I totally missed those.

    1. No rumours. However, since this rapid release schedule has taken hold, we can safely assume that Dark Eldar will receive an update sometime within the next 18 months.

  2. I was at a Q&A session with Phil Kelly and Jes Goodwin last summer (2012) and someone asked the question of what units they'd like to do, Jes suggested a multi-level skimmer (I immediately thought of something like Jabba the Hut's barge in ROTJ. Phil Kelly suggested a larger coven creature, so you may not be too far off.

    Personally, I'd like to see something that makes Mandrakes better (perhaps allowing them twin weapons and to assault on turn 1 if they infiltrate, but that's highly unlikely given that 6th seems determined to remove all charges unless the unit has been shot at at least once already).

    We might not see too many new models, but i think we'll see plenty of tweaks.

    1. Wow. Both a large Coven creature and a new Skimmer would be cool. I know exactly what you mean about the Mandrakes, they are super cool in the fluff but just die immediately the turn they come in. At least make their weapons have the Instant Death rule......

  3. Personally? Plastic wrack kit, the Voidraven bomber.

    Ideally, plastic incubi as well.

  4. didnt know the dark ninjas were getting an update any time soon would be nice though
    El Reevo

  5. I could see some sort of double bladed skiff, bit like forgeworlds, as a transport for a 20man squad.

    Giant coven creature seems likely with the trend of larger creatures/ kits.

    Ps. Pretty sure these are not rumours although Ill try and check with Crazy

    1. Yeah man, I can see the large Coven Creature being some form of super Talos that gives a Pain Token to every unit within 24" when it kills something lol.

  6. I think there is room to adjust the current units quite a bit. Grots have room for improvement, as do the MCs. The flyers for sure could be updated. I think that an upgrade to any of the skimmers that would allow them a caltrop or vane type attack could be interesting. I love the Dark Eldar and player them before the recent codex. I hope they get the all-star treatment when they are updated.

    1. I don't think the Beast Packs need tweaking, but stuff like Scourges do. My Scourges just die the second they come on the board. I would love to see them gain No Scatter on Deep Strike (like Swooping Hawks) and have a reduction to 17/18 points each.

    2. Unfortunatly for Scourges, I think no scatter will remain Hawks only; as I seem to remember Kelly saying that they didn't want Scourges to be Evil versions of Hawks

    3. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my poor birdmen.

    4. I could see them getting Ignore Cover. Maybe something like Unit Type: JetPack Jump Infantry, allowing them to move 12", shoot heavy weapons then move 2D6", representing the fact they are extremly fast and pick out targets and then eleminate them.

    5. Hmm. Fluff wise they should have Feel no Pain standard (since they have stimulants being pumped in).

  7. I'd like to see more weapons options for Warriors. Why can't they take Heatlances or the Haywire guns instead of just Blasters/Shredders/Dark Lance/Splinter Cannon? And it would be nice if Wyches regained the option to take some of these guns too. Doubt it's likely though, since the plastic kits don't contain the relevant parts (even though a kitbash would be easy).

  8. I'm a bit late here, but I'd like to add my two cents.

    Considering what GW has done with the AdMech, I would expect the next incarnation of the Dark Eldar to be released in three seperate codices: Wych Cults, Commorite Kabals and Haemonculus covens.
    And I think the ideal order of releases (for the players) would be something like this:

    Week 1
    Codex Dark Eldar: Wych Cults
    Succubus double pack; 1 on foot, 1 on jetbike, in plastic.

    Week 2
    Bloodbrides box; 5 models, featuring options for knives or glaives as basic weapons + 4 Wych special weapons, in plastic.
    Beastmaster box; 2 Beastmasters, 6 Kymerae, 2 Razorwing Flocks, in plastic.

    Week 3
    Super-heavy (by Dark Eldar standards at least) transport vehicle.

    Week 4
    Incubi/Trueborn box; 5 models, featuring all current weapon options + Shard Carbines, in plastic.

    Week 5
    Codex Dark Eldar: Commorite Kabals
    Archon + Reaver Lord/Vrasqe Malidrach double pack, in plastic.
    Hellion Lord/Baron Sathonyx box; 1 model, in plastic.

    Week 6
    Court of the Archon box; 3 Sslyth, 2 Medusae, 2 Lhamaeans, 2 Ur-Ghuls, in plastic.
    Asrubael Vect incl. Dais of Destruction, in plastic of course.

    Week 8 (probably after at least a 1-month-break)
    Codex Dark Eldar: Haemonculus Covens
    Haemonculus box; 1 model, featuring options for a female Hamonculus (Haemonculix?) and Scourge wings, in plastic.

    Week 9
    Grotesques box; 3 (different!) models, featuring weapon and design options for the Abberation, in plastic.
    Wracks re-released; now with 10 models per box.

    Week 10
    Gargantuan Pain Engine; featuing options for offensive Talos- and defensive Cronos-equivalent, in plastic.

    Now, I wouldn't bet on GW actually doing it this way. :p


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