Tuesday 15 October 2013

Play it right: Grenades in 6th edition.

I wanted to make a quick post about some common misconceptions about how Grenades work within 6th edition 40k. It came to my attention that a number of gamers have misinterpreted the rules and have, unfortunately, been playing some pretty crazy games. Most of this stuff will be pretty hilarious for the majority of 40k players. Here it is:

1. Grenades in the Assault phase.

The rules state that if you choose to use a Grenade in the assault phase, you substitute all of your attacks for one single attempt. So no, you cannot have 2-3 Krak grenade attacks per model against a Mounstrous Creature or Vehicle. I have heard all sorts of arguments saying that it is set out as a "traditional weapons profile" or "It is not made clear as to which grenade they are referring to." No. Just.....No. I can't really see how it could be made more obvious to anyone as "can only ever make one attack, regardless of the number of attacks in its profile." Just............................No.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that if you are in combat with a non Vehicle or MC model, you may not opt to use a grenade attack. 

2. Grenades in the Shooting phase.

Who is really surprised here? If they want to try to get more attacks from grenades in the assault phase, they are going to try it in shooting. Again, the rulebook quite clearly states that only ONE model may substitute firing it's own weapon in favour of throwing a grenade. You CANNOT throw ten plasma grenades for example, or worse, try and spam Krak Str6 shooting attacks. 

3. Defensive Grenades.

Are great. However, some players have been playing them as granting the Stealth USR at all times. This is not the case. It quite clearly states that you must be within the 8" killzone to gain the bonus. Furthermore, players who have access to defensive grenades should remember that enemy units DO NOT gain an additional attack for charging! Bam! You would be surprised at the number of times my Fire Warriors have tanked a tonne of close shooting attacks, over-watched half the enemy squad to death and then held in combat when the enemy doesn't have enough attacks to wipe them. 


Sometimes I wonder how people have missed some of the core concepts within the rules. It occurred to me that the players most often using these tactics are usually either very new to the game (understandable) or are just dodgy mofos who put on a confident tone of voice and "explain" to you how the "rules work." 3Colours has taken to replying to such encounters with "well I guess we can blame the rulebook for being wrong."

I have a few more rules queries that need to be publicised, but that can wait for another day.

Who has encountered grenade problems before? I hope they didn't blow up to intensely...........................................................................................


  1. the rules on throwing grenades into buildings are also easily misinterpreted.

    1. They are indeed! In fact we just wrote up an article about that - check it out here: http://40kwarzone.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/know-your-rules-attacking-fortifications.html

  2. That pun was soooo bad... I think you should *pull the pin* on your comedic dreams...

  3. I can't tell you how excited i was to throw ten haywire grenades at transports with wyches just to have my dreams quickly self-dashed when I continued reading the rules. Ah, how sweet it would have been...


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