Saturday 19 October 2013

Discovering The Hobbit

Just discovered this game. Was down at my local GW playing a fantasy game vs Siceralc and decided to have a run through of "Escape from Goblin Town." I must say, I was very impressed.

It was a refreshing change of dice rolls and phases. 40k and Fantasy can get a bit tiresome after a while when OP units come crashing across the board and absolutely ruin your day. Of course, I don't know enough about LOTR, I'm sure there are OP units hiding away for Siceralc to find and abuse soon enough.

I've had a look around the models and rulebooks and have settled upon Mordor as an army. I like the idea of have Morgul Knights/Wargs in creating a cavalry themed army. Or Terror. I like the idea of forcing enemy models to take courage tests every time they want to charge me.

Is Mordor any good?


- Out.


  1. Ive only played the system a bit and thats when it was the old Lotr one. Personally I think its a case of go with what you like the look of. Its something I'd consider playing (Once Ive my current mountain of stuff painted) and I'd go rohan/dwarfs just for the look.

    Your other option is to see what your local players play and pick something different

  2. I only play gondor but iv played mordor a cupple of times and I was very impressed with them im a big lotr and hobbit player and its a really good system that's easy to understand

  3. The LotR and Hobbit games are both very good. Mordor is a pretty good faction to play as. Plenty of cheap warriors, some good elite warriors, monsters and a decent selection of named and unnamed hero's


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