Monday 21 October 2013

November: A month of nothing.

November is a strange month this year. Since there is no specific release for it, it seems not many people care about it. I'll admit that after having a four years worth of releases dumped in 2013, it makes the last two months of the year quite insignificant. Who really cares about a second wave of Dark Elves? Or the "big boxes"? Give me Tyranids!

I lie. I'm looking forward to December now that I have invested time and interest into "The Hobbit." I'm hoping that the new movie brings a new wave of models and/or rules for the Wood Elf folk. I'm about to start collecting them (75% sold on them) so new models would be cool. However, I'm yet to see interest in Novembers release. The new paint set is attractive to some (Yeah - Luke - Yeah), but to others, it's a dud month. Dark Elf players have been chomping at the bit to grab the rest of the models. It's not like there is any surprise on what they will look like since the army book came out first. Which brings me onto another point.

If GW is going to continue with a two-month update, I wonder if someone will realise it is in their best interest to slam the codex/army book onto the tail end of the release. For example, if Tyranids got a two month release, it would be better for them (not us) to release the "updated" models in the first month and save the book/new models for the second. Yet, I would hate that. The rules are what matter to me the most, models second.

Anyway, I'll leave it there. I'll finish by saying that I'm at least looking forward to December, but I know for many it is a long wait until January's 40k release.

- Out.


  1. I would have been intrested in the big boxes if they hadnt been all for this years releases, as people have mostly had their fill.
    I wonder if any of last years megaforces are left....

    I always thought they would do an update month for existing models, then new models and codex in the second month, but GW surprised me with the release. Will just have to wait and see.

  2. Releasing the book after releasing models would be painful from the players' perspective I would wager. I think sales would be down as people don't want to buy until they know what the pure awesome and the utter rubbish units in the codex are. I think overall, GW would make less money because players would already be in the mindset to sit and wait rather than impulse buy.

    1. That makes sense. Although I majoritaly buy models based on look, I know most folk do not.

    2. I'd be straight up lying if I said I didn't do that too. But I think in aggregate, the sales total would be lessened.


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