Monday 5 August 2013

Tactica: Eldar Vyper

Vypers are pretty cool. With War Walkers costing almost the same as a Vyper, many Eldar players have a split view on whether or not they are viable for play. They got a lot of slack in the old book due to their relatively underwhelming offensive power and paper thin armour. What's changed? Not much, but, they're still worth consideration

The big winner in my book is the fact that you can now have TWO Shuriken Cannons mounted on the model. Six, BS4 str6 Bladestorming shot's isn't that bad. However, I really wouldn't go much further than this load-out. Once you start piling on expensive weapons you begin to run into the issue of it's survivability. AV10 is pretty bad so stacking points onto that unit won't get you anywhere. Stick to simplicity that works.

Upgrades? Again, don't bother. Holofields are possibly the only upgrade I would consider if there was a multitude of ruin cover sames hanging around and I wasn't playing Tau. I have heard one guy absolutely attest that running Crystal Targeting Matrix's and getting rear armour shots first turn is the way to Please for the love of this game never do that. You will promptly be shot to pieces or worse.....charged and killed by Krak grenades. Here is how I would play them:

3 x Vypers
Shuriken Cannon upgrades.
Deploy on a flank or hide behind Serpent wall.

Serpents, when brought together, easily hide the Vypers out of LOS. Great way of protecting them first turn but, again, don't expect them to survive long sitting in the centre of the table. Being mounted on a Fast Vehicle should be utilised. Zoom them down the side and go rear armour hunting in turn 2. Plus, you never know what might be hiding out in the backfield for you to shoot at......did someone say Insta-killing guard heavy weapon teams?

Are they better than War Walkers? Not really. Are they better than their cousins Venom? Not at all. Are they worth considering? Definitely. Don't let my talk about AV10 scare you off them. When used as a support unit they can be devastating. Vypers + Warp Spiders deep striking in will make for a pretty awesome counter-attack unit. Surprise! I now have a huge amount of str6 shots running around your backfield on turn 2!

If you have any Vyper tactics of your own. Comment below and I will add them onto the Tactica with your name attached.




  1. I get good use out of my Vypers. I do however opt for the Scatter Laser up top. The extra shot, longer range, and Laser Lock effect are worth it in my book.

    1. Good to hear! 5 points more Isn't that much I guess. Do you upgrade anything else?

  2. Id go scatter aswell. Twinlink for something that has to hit with as many shots as possible is a good idea and its only 5pts. Unfortunatly i only have 1 viper and a managed to break it.... So war walkers see more action in my army until i repair it.

  3. I use mine flying up the field with my shinning spears and jetseer. With turbo boost you can get some nice cover saves and dont have to worry about getting bogged down in terrain. Also, dose not take up a slot on the HS section. I loves me my knights and prisms.


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