Tuesday 6 August 2013

Rumour Watch: More Space Marines

 Some more rumours.

The source is a bit dodgy but I felt it should be released none the less.

Via protomane0 on DakkaDakka:
please note, this a literal copypasta off of facebook, apparently an american 40k podcast "40kradio" is responsible for this, so all credit goesto them, and the hapless soul i copied this off of (hes a friend, im sure he wont mind =p

The guys are a heavy support choice. They're a marine cased in heavy armor with powerfist with lascannons under slung on one pic and heavy bolters on the other. Think of a heavier terminator armor that a marine straps into. I think this is where Chaos Oblits came from. They look to be on 40mm and I'm really starting to dig these models.

Plastic Chaplain:
Like other plastic HQ's that have come out. He is armed with a Crozius and bolt pistol. He has ornate armor and he is in a dynamic pose.

Plastic Librarian:
Same as above regarding previous HQ releases. He is helmetless and he's armed with a staff. He also has a wicked cherub flying off his pack pack. I really like this model.

The Hunter:
I believe this will be anti-air rhino. Its a cross between Vindicator Heavy Armor and a whirlwind style weapon mounted on the back. It comes with two cannons that have three barrels.

Vanguard Plastic:
I saw two separate pics one armed with TH/SS and one with a pair of Lighting claws, finally. Same Marine bodies just with some new iconography to freshen up the models. 

Most of this, in my opinion, can be guessed by simple logic. Especially the "new dynamic poses" of the models. Some other interesting stuff though.



  1. Change bolters from rapid fire to assault weapons, and I will be happy. That's everything I want...

    1. That would be horrific to armies such as eldar:-(
      Even worse it might actually happen:-(:-(

    2. It's what I always cry for (most of the times I play against Eldars) cause its stupid that Space Marines can't shoot and charge...

    3. Did i miss something or do marines not have pistols?


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