Tuesday 6 August 2013

Your opinion: What fantasy army should I start?

My ADD keep screwing me up. "Boing boing" is how Chris call it. With so many 40K  games and options around, I was reading the Warhammer Fantasy RuleBook, and I kinda love it. I was looking at different armies and reading a few codexes to have an idea, and I got to a conclusion: I would like to start an army, in baby steps as they require a lot of painting.
So checking around, the biggest problem is to decide what army should I start.
High elves and Dark Elves are out of the table, because that's what Alasdair and Alex play. 
Dwarves, I hate the models; seriously, they look like Furbies. 
Empire? I collect Space Marines, that's enough humans.
Bretonians? Don't like the idea of horses and horses and horses and horses....
Vampire Counts? Really cool models and codex, but the idea of painting a million zombies and skeletons, with the money issue....no.
Ogres? All the models look like if they were constipated....for a long time...
Tomb Kingdoms? They have really cool models that I really love, but the core units don't convince me, and apparently they're not very good...or that's what I heard...
Orcs and Goblins? Nah. That was my first army ever. I wanna leave it like that. 
Skaven? Money and painting a million models again...I like them but...
Beastmen? Love the models but I heard they're a shit army...is that true?
Wood elves? Kinda like them, but...are they any good?
Warriors of Chaos? Love the models, love the idea of brutal force, love the Slaughter brute...love them.
Lizard men? Same thing, love them all too, but I'm scared of the "last army" disease when most of the players play what was released the last. 

So my main idea is between the 3 last ones, especially the 2 last ones. What would you recommend me and why? I don't care so much about having a competitive army but a fun army, something with variety that I can play in different ways, as I don't like spamming same units. What do you guys think?

Ps: I hope I didn't offend anyone with my comments about the armies. It's just my personal opinion, it doesn't mean it's like that at all...


  1. Warriors of Chaos. Can't really go wrong with them.

  2. I dont play fantasy but if i did it would have to be lizardmen. Ive always loved the models and the new models are truly amazing. The only reason i havent got any is the fact i already have too many armies and dont need more. (although eldar exosites are an option)

    1. Cyphus, have you ever thought about writing blog posts?

    2. Sometimes. Why do u ask?

    3. Id be intrested if your asking:-P

    4. Sorry time difference delay. Yeah, I wanted to ask you if you wish to be an author with us?

    5. Id be honoured. Add 248@gmail to my names and drop me a note


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