Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Rumour Watch: Even MORE Space Marine stuff.

More rumours just in. Check them out:

This was taken from the same guys who dropped the last info we posted a few days ago at:

via40k Radio Facebook Page:

UPDATE: Comes with a grav weapon option. I've seen a picture of the back and it is a suit that a power armor marine wears.

UPDATE: Chaplain comes with helmetless option that has a bionic eye option.

UPDATE There’s another cannon option that looks similar to the epic version. It’s a heavy cannon option, possibly shoots missiles.

UPDATE: They have options for beaky, relic blades, and a bareheaded marine w/ mohawk! The Vanguard Vets are more action oriented, think of the Blood Angels Death Company sprue.


Sternguard plastics:
These models look pissed off, GW really captured the old grizzled look. Sternguard have a marine with bald head w/ beard and another mohawk head! The bolters also have the drum magazines. I have seen the following combi-weapons flamer, melta, and plasma. GW did an amazing job on this kit, I'm super pumped for this kit.

Tactical Marines:
The Armor has been updated will small studs, purity seals, and some new leg poses. These will mix really well with the current tactical squad. Missile launch backpack in the new tactical squad matches the devastator one with robo arm. There is a new arm set that has a marine loading a magazine into his bolter.

All Marine models have been painting in the following chapters: Crimson Fist, Iron Hands, and Ultramarines.  

Remember the main rule about rumours: objectivity.



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