Sunday 4 August 2013

Think Tank: New Releases

I just read one of the most amazing comments in a forum. It wasn't even that surprising but it pretty much sums up how some hardcore neckbeards in this hobby react to rumours: complete anger.

New Space Marine rumours came out only a few hours ago. You can see them here:

Anyway. This person in response to this basically threw up his arms and wished that they had delayed Space Marines until next year because they might hurt the sanctity of his codex.............


Not surprising though.

I remember having many knee-jerk reactions to both the Tau and Eldar releases but I got over them. For example, when I found out that the Wave Serpent went up in points I was completely I max out on them.

A similar reaction is coming from many Lizardmen players who have had their magic phase nerfed slightly. Welcome to 8th edition! Can't wait for Siceralc to get a big fat Dark Elf nerf in a few months time.

I am sat here wondering about some of the "reasons" behind these reactions. Personally, my favourite is the "it doesn't compare to the fluff" response. Every fluff gamer out there likes to contradict rumours because they don't "fit" the fluff. News flash people, GW will change fluff to suit the release. For example, Farsight used to be cut-off from the Tau Empire but now he has had a reshuffle so that the "new" Riptide battle-suit can be taken. 

The funny thing is that this can happen on the other side of the fence to. Everyone wants an OP army that no one else plays......including me. However, this can't really be the case. When the Wraithknight was first announced the entire non-Eldar community was firing hate at GW for producing something as "stupid as that for Eldar when Imperial Guard don't have Titans!"


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