Friday 9 August 2013

Alstwe War Waker

You asked for it!

Sorry about the crap background and lighting. Couldn't find my tripod and the bulb broke in my lamp, so not great. This was the best I could get the light. Anyway this is my eldar War Walker. I currently only have 1 but plan on getting several more, so will post pictures of the squadron at some point. This walkers battle rep is not the best - targeted by Deamon Princes, Dreadknights and anything else you'd rather not face with a lone walker - and gets destroyed by about turn2/3
More pictures will follow...


  1. It't not a bulb... its a lamp or a globe!

    1. Umm.. What?
      Its definetly the bulb in my desk lamp thats broken.

  2. I love the base on the model. Looks really cool. Nice blue chosen too. Try to use some whites on it as well, and it will look even better.

  3. Whites are a good idea, though i hate using it. Base is designed as if an eldar portal/ structure was under attack from nids, so bio acid scorched. Might add some white panels to vehicles, troops are blue with grey weapons/ helmets.
    6 models down, many more to go...


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