Friday 9 August 2013

News alert: August is not over yet!

Space Marines have taken over the web the past 48 hours. However, August is still full of news.

First up:

Black Legion.
August's supplement. Usually we would have seen a "GW preview" by now. This suggests that the pre-orders are likely to be put up on the 17th of August (unless GW has decided to 'surprise' us with a non-previewed pre-order.....doubt it). Digital release for the moment. Not as much hype about this one, but then again, I'm not a Chaos player!


New Forge World Releases:
 Old mate Magos Dominus with Rad-Cleanser


(Seriously.....this guy reminds me of the Russian Jaegar out of Pacific Rim)


Update to Shadow Spectres:

Yeah! They got a decent buffing in my own opinion. Battle focus and cover saves (plus the new Exarch power is pretty damn awesome).



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