Saturday 10 August 2013

Release Schedule: Speculation

Ok, so Space Marines are in September and Templars are in the main codex, so what is happening to the release schedule.

Disclaimer: This is speculation. It is not a rumour.

The last release order we had here was:
August: Lizardmen.
September: Inquisitor. (Space Marines).
October: Space Marines. (Inquisitor).
November: Dark Elves.
December: The Hobbit.
January: Orks.
February: Dwarfs.
March: Black Templars.
April: Fantasy release.
May: Tyranids.
June: Fantasy Release.
July: Imperial Guard OR something big (judging by Apoc coming out in July).

So August was Lizardmen and September is marines with Templars. My idea would be the following.

Edit: Natfka has chimed in and said Orks will be in the Q2 next year, not this year.
October: Dark Elves November: Tyranids (Nidvember?) December: Hobbit
January: Dwarfs
Febuary: Imperial Guard?
March: Fantasy (Wood Elves?(
April: 40k release
June: New big fantasy release( to match Apocalypse
The large summer release next year I think will be fantasy ( was there not rumours of a new edition?). After this we don't know, although I believe Natfka had scattering reports of Blood Angels and Space Wolves.

So what do people think? I would like to see other peoples ideas on the matter!


  1. Interesting about Natfka and the Orks. Completely missed that post altogether. There are still rumours piling in about there being a October release for Inquisitor. This would, sadly, mean that Space Marines are the last 40k release for 2013. My guess:

    Oct: Inquisitor.
    Nov: Dark Elves.
    December: Hobbit.

    1. Yes i was wondering that after natfkas post. However we don't know if Inquisitor will be by itself, as the design team has statex they are releasing an army book/ codex a month and that other releases will not effect it.


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