Thursday 8 August 2013

What the hell just happened!?!?! Space Marine debrief + Black Templars! **UPDATED**

Well Games Workshops privacy programs just went to crap.........

Firstly, about Black Templars, Natfka just posted this:


via Kastor Krieg on Bolter and Chainsword:
  • There is a BT Emperor's Champion in HQ, 140 pts, unspecified
    what for. There's also a 125 pts jumpy chappy with a melta bomb and
    plasma pistol.
  • Crusader Squads are mixed Neophytes with Inititates.
  • There's also a "Sword Brother" in most every unit, very likely a "Veteran Sergeant".
  • There's a Sword Brethren unit, with a Castellan for Sergeant.
  • The Hunter, a Rhino AA Variant (think ZSU Shilka) is 70 pts.
  • 3 shooty Centurions with missile launchers, the new grav cannons and some "grav amps" are 280 pts.

We are still over 3 weeks out from the White Dwarf but we essentially have most of the information we need. Crazy! We joked that Space Marines were going to be big but this is shockingly fast for the rumour mill!

Can I just say......the new Centurions look absolutely rubbish (modelling wise). They look like someone has stuck a weapons grade bike pump into the bottom of a suit of power armour and furiously pumped them up in the attempt to look badass. It failed.......quite badly. I hope they have a good profile to match the hideous nature of the figure.

I expect over the next few weeks we will be getting more and more rules rumours as people shift through the White Dwarf to find out what is going on, what new special rules there are and whatever else there is hiding away in those pages. Interested to find out what supplement will be released alongside it.

In other news. Does this mean we will not be seeing Inquisitor or has it simply been pushed back until next month? Maybe it's not happening? Who knows? It would mean Orktober would be a legitimate event!


If you missed out on all the action over the past 24 hours then check it out here:



  1. The Sword Bretheren are actually Sternguard Veterans, but it might be that Bretheren are now able to chose from the two entries with all wargear options which follow such a choice.


    1. Very interesting. Thanks for the info mate! Drop by any time!

  2. I need more information about BT!!!

    All day waiting for new info and no ones post here!! Why??? It's a really interesting post!!


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