Tuesday 11 June 2013

S.P.A.W.N Tournament: Quick Update.

Better late than never! Last Friday, myself, Siceralc and Optimus-Prime-Time took part in the first round of Sydney Painting and Wargaming Network (S.P.A.W.N) 40k tournament. 1500 points.

I took Taudar, Siceralce his Imperial Guard and O-P-T took Sisters of Battle.

As it stands:
Game 1:
- I got completely annihilated by Scott's GK-Guard. 6-2 Loss.
- O-P-T beat Siceralc in first round grudge match.

Game 2:
- I faced off against Max and his beautifully painted Space Wolves and managed a 6-1 Win.
- Siceralc lost against another Tau-Eldar army (lol).
- O-P-T beat Scott's GK-Guard (close game).

As it stands:
O-P-T on 10 points. (Undefeated!)
CrAzY424 on 8 points.
Siceralc on 5 points.

Important to note that Scott (GK-Guard) is also on 10 points.

Pretty sure I will be facing off against O-P-T in next week's round 2. Update after the night!


  1. I feel like Siceralc's list is perhaps too static. Tbh some pod wolves would be ideal, but I know he's not going there. Wouldn't mind seeing a return of the hellhound and maybe a few chims. Sitting on gunline with autocannon + sniper rifle just doesn't seem like enough these days. Swap all your troops out for Penal Legion! I kid.. Marbo is nice, but you need some more disruption. Even just a few chims cock blocking would've mad a big difference in our game. OPT

  2. It's nice to try something different from what I normally run, but I agree sitting in a corner isn't doing too well. The Vendettas and Marbo aren't bad, but the fact that they have no support once they're behind enemy lines really doesn't help me. I'm trying an 1850 based off of this tournament list tonight against Mr. I-love-the-tau-in-my-backside Crazy424, and it's much more fluid, but we'll see how it goes.


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