Tuesday 11 June 2013

Your opinion? Skarbrand

Chris and I had this discussion several times so far because of the hate that he has towards this HQ from my Chaos Daemons army. I also asked asked Dave, the manager of the GW where we go to play, and he couldn't give me anything but an ambiguous answer. The question ladies and gentlemen is:

Is there any model in Warhammer 40K that can defeat Skarbrand in close combat?

So far, we can not think about one single character or model that can face this beast in close combat. For the ones that don't know him, this beauty  has WS10, S6, T6, W5, I10 and 7 attacks (counting his extra close combat weapon). His weapons have flesh bane and armorbane, both are AP2 and he has Rage and Hatred against everything, a template flaming attack with S5 AP-, Furious charge and he's a monstrous creature. All of that with a 3+ armor save and 5++ invulnerable save. 
Saying this, yeah, he looks deadly, but beatable, if you survive all his attacks, but the nicest thing about him is his Warlord Trait: Death incarnate, or whatis the same, any wound caused by him causes instant death (you should have seen Chris' face the first time he killed Eldrad...)

Chances are that any model that can survive his initiative 10 would have a chance to kill him, so if I had to bet for some one, probably I would do it for Captain Lysander as he has the eternal warrior rule. 

Any ideas guys? We want to know your opinion!


  1. Hive Tyrant with Lash Whip and Bonesword(s) has a better chance than most. Abbadon if you're lucky. If you add two models, there a lot of combos that gib him in CC. As for myself I would just shoot him, he doesn't have wings anymore so he's super slow.

  2. Swarmlord? Close-combat invulnerable save of 4+ (IIRC), every wound causes instant death, etc, etc... Also a monstrous creature, and is similar in stats, though with less initiative and attacks. If Swarmy had a shooting phase before the combat, he could try to use Paroxysm and reduce Skarbrand to WS 1 until Swarmy's next turn.

    1. But would the Swarmlord survive the Initiative 10 step? Cause Skarbrand causes instant death too and wounds on 2s.

  3. Also, any successful invulnerable saves made against wounds caused by old Swarmy must be re-rolled. Bye-bye daemons.

  4. Swarmlord goes last. Skarbrand hits on 3's with hatred, and wounds on 2's. Swarmlord now has a 50-50 chance of dying for every one of those hits. Swarmlord will not survive the I10 step. Now if swarmlord has two lash whip tyrant guard with him, he goes first, and kills skarbrand. lesson-bring lash whip guard.

  5. Well if Skarbrand has his Warlord trait and charges a
    Necron Overlord with a Mind Shackle Scarab and fail his
    3d6 Ld test....and hits himself with D3 that can be a disaster.
    2+ wound, no armor saves, Instant Death

    that can't be pretty butI think its the matter of the dice.

  6. Yesterday had great success with BT chapter master with Burning Blade and Shield eternal relics. Rerolls on attacks and eternal warrior kept me alive. Plus Skar was int 1 for 2nd round of combat and never got to swing. Actually killed him quite easily.


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