Thursday 13 June 2013

Eldar Tactics: Wave Serpent's


Following on from yesterday's troop review, we bring you the mighty Wave Serpent!

I admit when the codex was first released I had a complete knee jerk reaction to the Serpent's points increase. How dare you Kelly!.......I take it all back. Wow it's really awesome.

1. BS4.
2. Twin-linked scatter laser is only 5 points.
3. The Serpent Shield.

Let's get one thing straight. The Wave Serpent is no longer a bus with a cannon strapped to the top of it. It's pretty much a battle tank. D6+1 Str7 Ignores cover/Pinning is crazy good. Lol see that Manticore sitting in the ruins with a 3+ cover save from Camo Netting? Dead. Not to mention the fact that the scatter laser will make the str7 shots twin linked...............

If the dice gods are on your side, you will be shooting 4 twin-linked str6 and 7 twin-linked and it doesn't even take up a slot. Of course the obligatory parent unit is where thing's begin to be interesting. I would roll with either a super cheap unit of 5 Dire Avengers or a unit of 10-15 Guardians (Warlock optional) to sit back in cover while their transport does the killing.

In terms of how I am going to run them as allies for my Tau I will be restricted to a single choice (as I have Jetbikes) in terms of Troops. My other option is to also fit in a unit of Scorpions in, take a Serpent and just not deploy them inside it and let them go and infiltrate. Of course If I have first turn (and as such, can't assault out of Infiltrating) then might as well take the Serpent in with me!




  1. So that's one of the things that I should fear the most, I guess?

    1. You're not wrong, unless you have something that can survive being pummelled by it long enough to hit back when the shield is down.

  2. Loving the eldar tacticas. Found this blog by accident thismorning and have already read most of the eldar posts. Keep it up.


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