Monday 17 June 2013

Eldar ramblings and game vs Siceralc.

This is in no way a tactics post. It is simply a rambling of my thoughts onto the blog looking for some feedback.

Over the past two weeks I have been trying to figure out how Eldar has changed my long standing Dark Eldar list. Previously, I used a Doom seer on a bike to zoom around the battlefield making my splinter weapons with random powers that idea is less effective. Sure If I still roll three times on the Eldar table I have a 50% chance of getting doom but that's hardly reliable. In this case I believe I will run my farseer as a hit re-roll caster. Now that Guide can be cast on friendly unit's I would rather be sure of getting Prescience and Guide then rolling three times for Doom. So my Psychic rolling will look like this:

First roll: Runes of Fate. No Doom? =====> Guide.
Second Roll: Divination. No Misfortune? =====> Prescience.
Third Roll: Whatever I needed. If I got Doom then roll again on Fate for Guide. If I got Misfortune then roll again on for Prescience. In the extremely rare case I get both Doom and Misfortune then I would roll for Prescience.

I'm still unsure about Dark Eldar and Eldar together now. DE are not an army you want random factors deciding your outcome.

Second part is about Tau.

I firmly believe in terms of Battle Brothers, Tau get a better deal out of Eldar than DE do. I've been running Taudar over the past few games and I'm liking the play style. I ran Eldrad in my game again Siceralc yesterday and to tell the truth, I was thoroughly underwhelmed. His 5+ recharge is extremely unreliable and since he doesn't have access to a spirit stone, don't expect him to be casting four powers that include a number of Warp Charge 2. A single farseer, mounted on a bike with stones is far more points effective in my opinion.

1850 vs Siceralc
Let's get to the main point:
1. Str7 Tank hunters is ridiculous.
2. Early Warning Override on broadsides is easily the best defence against Marbo (Only fire the Smart Missles at him so you can still use the Missle pod's in your turn).
3. Early Warning Override Str7 Tank Hunters is ridiculous.

I think I can confidently say that my Broadside unit (3 x Broadsides, one Target Lock, two EWO, all with missles, + Commander on quad gun with puretide + Farseer) won the game simply by obliterating his transports and fliers.

Although, he had some terrible terrible bad luck with scatter rolls. First two Colossus shots completely missed alongside a regular scattering of Battle Cannons........ouch.


I'd be very interested to hear any talk about Dark Eldar and Eldar together. What has changed? New tricks? Thoughts?.......anything?



  1. Oh that scatter. So much scatter. Can't sleep scatter will eat me.

  2. I'll 100% agree though that broadside unit is brutal. The only counter can think would be reasonably efficient would be a demolisher cannon wielding unit. And even then they have to get past all those s7 tank hunters shots first. Even a combat unit would fail miserably if it tried to approach, cover or no. Those smart missiles just aren't right.

    1. Do you mean the Demolisher that has AV14 and can't be harmed by S7?

  3. I was avoiding mentioning that specifically, as I was intending for it to be a tactic not strictly beholden to guard. A vindicator wouldn't get too far for example.


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