Tuesday 18 June 2013

Your opinion: what's your favorite heavy support?

We wanna know your opinion guys!
What's your favorite heavy support choice? Why is that? How do you like using it?

In my armies I don't have many heavy support choices yet, but according to the ones that I own, I would choose the Skull Cannon. It's not brilliant at all as is open topped and has no extra options, so if you roll on the damage table a weapon destroyed it becomes useless. But it's BS 5 S8 AP 5 large blast, ignores cover makes him a nice unit to slay troops with weak armor. I use it all the time with my Chaos Daemons, normally sitting in some kind of cover, and it performs pretty well. I normally use it to get rid off those annoying snipers, pathfinders, etc...


  1. Fluff wise: Death Korps Of Krieg Quad and Heavy Mortars. They are pretty amazing.

    Game Wise: Dark Eldar Ravager with Disentegrator cannons. Absolutely love the model, love the rules and love watching opponents troops melt from it.

  2. Eldar War Walkers. Beutiful models, good fluff and pretty damn good rules!

  3. Colossus... ain't nothing like dropping a S6 AP3 ignores cover large blast template on that 250 point squad of sternguard and killing them all.

    Or the Manticore, though I don't have much experience with it, lobbing D3 S10 AP4 large blast templates always has an appeal.


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