Friday 1 August 2014

X-Wing: TommyH's Squad Performance

So I've had a few more games with my 100pt Squadron, which I posted for you all here: if you would like to check out what I'm using! 

On Thursday night I had the pleasure of playing two great X-Wing games, both against rebel players. 

The first game was against another Tommy (great name!), who was using a very similar build to CrAzY's squad, which can be found here:

Long story short, the list makes use of a decked out Luke, Wedge and Cracken. Unfortunately after finding ourselves in a joust Hobbie and Blount really made the most of themselves, and I managed to Auto-Ion Wedge with Blount and give Luke two stress tokens + one he had already acquired from Push the Limit. Hobbie is *really* incredible with Flechette and R3-A2. I was able to take out Cracken, K-Turn behind Wedge and Luke, repeatedly hitting Luke with stress tokens -preventing a K-Turn of his own- and chipping away at Wedge. 

I do have to say, the other Tommy was very unlucky with his dodge rolls! But thanks for the game Tommy and I look forward to a rematch! Victory for Hobbie and his Z-95's!

The second game was against Martin, who used two Dagger Squadron B-Wings with Advanced Sensors and two Gold Squadron Y-Wings with Ion Cannon Turrets. This was a very exciting game, and my first against a build consisting entirely of "old meta" ships. I was really looking forward to this game as my list is primarily used to take out extremely high Pilot Skill ships by denying them actions for a long period of game time, and not accustomed to a high Hull Saturation. 

The B-Wings scared me quite a bit - I targeted them very early on and managed to take them both out quickly. I may have been a bit too ambitious with Hobbie, as I lost him in Turn 4 to some early B-Wing fire and the two Y-Wings. He had done his job however and handed out two stress tokens to each B-Wing thanks to not hitting with his Flechette Torpedoes in the first round of shooting. This allowed me to K-Turn behind the B-Wings and take them out relatively early. The problem was, however, getting so close meant that Martin was able to Ion Turret me almost every turn from that point on. While he was only doing 1 damage to me per Ion Turret, he was able to control the movement of one or two Z-95's a turn and kept me from shooting at him the next turn, repeating this tactic. When I did find myself in his arc I was doing a maximum of two damage! The game was relatively close as I managed to get one Y-Wing to 1 hull left and the other Y-Wing had spent all it's shields, but I conceded after having a single, no shields and 2 hull Z-95 remaining. 

After seeing the potential of Y-Wings I think I would have focussed on them earlier - I could have come from a different angle with Hobbie and kept the B-Wings from K-Turning by handing out stress and focus fired on the Y-Wings, making sure my movement isn't compromised. I then would have had to deal with offensive B-Wings late game, so who knows if it would have made a difference. Either way - a rematch is definitely in order! 

An obvious weakness with my list is having to partake in a game of attrition which is unfortunately how the game against Martin went. It was a great lesson however and thanks again Martin for giving me my first defeat with Hobbie and his Z-95's! Hope you guys have enjoyed the article and hopefully next time I'll have a proper battle report with pictures to show you. 

Alles gute, 

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