Sunday 3 August 2014

Space Wolf Chariot! Logan Grimnar!

via 40k Group (of Doom)

So the big boy Logan decided that his feet were getting too sore - and what a ride he's designed! 

The new *rumoured* Space Wolf chariot seems to be generating a lot of controversy on the internet - I think people are just complaining for the sake of complaining to be honest. The model looks extremely detailed and, considering how powerful chariots are in 7th Edition, I'm really hoping it'll have a good ruleset. 

I like it! The new Logan model looks pretty sweet too and I'm hoping to see a few of them on the table top! 

What do you guys think? 

Alles gute, 


  1. I think the same as you... I like the model

  2. Great to see some positivity about the release. I am sick of people whining every time gw released something different, or complaining that is is not 'real'. We play a tabletop game set in the far future with aliens and medal robots and space elves and such right? Liking the new releases personally

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  4. Personally I think its silly and stupid, but its fluffy and looks like a really detailed model. So all in all, I think its a good release, even if I'm not a fan of space puppies

  5. The character model itself looks good. The chariot looks like it might have some useful bits to be had from ebay, but the concept is indeed pretty stupid.

  6. Its horrible,awful and silly

  7. It's a great step and a good, appropriate unit/model.

    The dire terrain of Fenris kinda prohibits most tracked vehicles access to many places and a Speeder is pretty lowly for a Great Wolf to have. The chariot fits the bill; where the wolves can go the chariot will follow making it far more appropriate for Logan's homeworld, the rules for chariots and riders in 7th are frickin' astounding and the model itself is a great nod to the Vikings and their longboating heritage.

    Logan on his chariot is certainly a great unit that I would NOT want to face on the table. Nice work GW.


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