Thursday 31 July 2014

Oh no! Here comes Murderfang!

Well, Space wolves are coming out.....and they are bringing a new special character dreadnought with them. At first this sounds like a great prospect, but once you look at him, it's not hugely promising.

Firstly, here are the details:

Now, don't get me wrong, he is a combat monster. I wouldn't want my guys anywhere combat with it, so I will just shoot it. Like most dreadnoughts, they will simply die to a few lucky high str shots. Okay, so since coming into 7th it is now harder to explode them, and having It Will Not Die does have some benefits, but that won't stop a few well placed Krak Missiles just draining the hull points off it.

My main problem with this type of thing is that it's slow. Taking the drop pod seems like an auto choice (and it also gives you another scoring option!). I just can't imagine walking this guy across the board in time for his points to pay off. You could, alternatively, take him alongside some VERY fast moving cavalry, but then why not just take more of that!

Anyway, I promise more 40k/fantasy content is on the way. X-Wing has been drowning us out lately, so we will report back on our 40k tournament this saturday.

- Out.

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