Saturday 30 August 2014

iOS Horus Heresy Game

Well this slipped through my net initially. Looks like they have just taken the original star craft and morphed it into 30k!

I'll prob still check it out though:


  1. Hello,Looks much the same as a Coc clone…with the exception of with more awful animations.I know why Games Workshop continues handing out this scoop product poo,I simply can't accept they don't see the harm it does to their reputation.good day.
    ~Kathy Brooks.

  2. Horus Heresy has a truly solid theme and the game uses it entirely well.Something that binds the theme to the game is Horus Heresy's fabulous components.From the perfectly sculpted minis to the extremely well laid out 3d board,Horus Heresy is only a delight to see.@Bonnie Jenkins.


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