Saturday 30 August 2014

FFG In-Flight Report from Gencon: Plans for Star Wars.

Just finished watching FFG's in flight report and here are some quick points:

1. Quote from the CEO re huge ships for Imperials: "I wouldn't worry too much about the other guys not having those types of ships."

2. Star Wars Armada will have all of their ships available in separate blister packs as similar to X-Wing. They don't want to have you buying the core set over and over just to play bigger fleets.

3. They plan releases 24-36 months ahead. The 24 month period being unchangeable and the 24-36 month period having some wiggle room.

4. They are not worried too much about the Star Wars licence with Disney. The CEO seemed very confident nothing would change re that.

1 comment:

  1. That's cool. I love x wing and would be sad to see it stop due to licensing issue . don't think I will be picking up the armada game though, one game too many for my wallet


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