Friday 29 August 2014

How CrAzY424 feels about Nagash

It's been a white since we have posted something. Work has absolutely been slamming all of us this past week. However, I now have some time to look over what GW's latest release is....Nagash!

Let's go back in time......when I first started this hobby, I dove into the realms of fantasy exclusively. 40k was this kind of odd awkward cousin that some of the other guys played. Anyway, Vampire counts was my first ever army, and I absolutely loved them! The old Bloodline rules were awesome (I was Blood Dragons all the way) and the backstory of the undead was dreadfully gruesome. Nagash of course, was bad boy number one, and I am glad he has finally been released. Although, this is a bit concerning: 

His model is HUGE. Too big in my opinion, and his abilities are just hilarious. However, he actually isn't that tough, 1-2 cannons can down him pretty like everything else that is big. 

I am in two views about the whole new "50% lord" rules coming out in his book. Feels rather awkward to me. I would absolutely love to go back to the old system of 0-1 Lord choices for a 2000 point game, but I'm sure a lot of the newer players wouldn't. Although, in saying that, having 50% lord could be quite hilarious for your local games, and will definitely add a bit of flavour. 

Being able to ally Vampire Counts and Tomb King is pretty cool. In no way was I surprised by the idea of allies. In fact, I'm still riding on the fact that 9th edition fantasy will have an allies system of some form. Just PLEASE do not make it "unbound".......PLEASE.

The huge awkward elephant in the room is the rules for "all wizards can now summon undead" no no NO.....NO....this is really treading towards the path that GW took with demonology in 40k, and to be actually worries me. I am a huge fan of undead being able to summon zombie hordes to their will. However, I DO NOT want to be playing off against a Dark Elf army that is suddenly raising units of zombies or skeletons....or whatever else they decide to throw in. I really am hoping that they don't apply the 40k rules model to fantasy.....

Anyway, I am still excited for the release. All of the models coming out are great, and I hope GW keeps up the continuously impressive new model range.

- Out.

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