Monday, 30 June 2014

First 7th Edition Tournament - Post Review

Alright, so last Saturday we had 12 players come and duke it out at the first 7th edition tournament. It’s not a huge amount of players, but it was a great learning experience for all that were involved. There were bumps along the way as we all sorted through rules issues, and I thank all the players who approached such problems with patience and a sociable attitude. 

Some interesting points:

Our theme point system made an impact on the lists that were taken. Almost every army was mono-codex (which gets your bonus points). However, none of the high scoring theme armies placed. Whether or not this is due to their limited capacity to win games will be shown at the next tournament when the system is run again. I definitely believe in theme system, however it does need tweaking. The general feedback from players was that they liked it. 

Demon summoning armies had a higher loss rate than any other list type. My guess is our limit to 12 warp charge dice made a huge impact when it came to casting the powers. It meant that you didn’t have unit after unit of demons being summoned consecutively. Furthermore, Psychic ‘heavy’ armies (that had multiple Psykers) did not place in the top 3. 

No one has any complaint about the new way to secure and contest objectives. In fact, many games came down to the knuckle between contesting units attempting to wipe each other out. 

Not many people used the new system of firing weapons (where you have to choose a weapon type and resolve all of it’s shots, wounds and casualties before doing another). I saw most players using the old system of doing all the shots first, then allocating wounds etc. This is just a learning curve problem, and if everyone was doing it, no one was left disadvantaged.

Overall, the way to win one of our tournaments is to focus on fulfilling the painting score sheet, and bringing the right sporting attitude. You can still win by annihilating your opponent in battle, but if you go about it the wrong way, you won’t be getting any Best Sporting nominations. Some people may say that it’s the nature that people won’t vote for the opponent who tabled them, but that’s okay, because we want a friendly environment. 

Anyway, next tournament is in early August and will feature, hopefully, a much stronger showing in numbers.


  1. Nice work for running events, keep it up! The next one will be an interesting read to see how the trends develop :]

  2. This sounds like a great experience over all. If I was in the area; I would love to check out your game days

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