Wednesday 21 May 2014

New 40k Allies Chart!!!

Via League of Painters. 

Certainly interesting and changes a LOT of lists around - I for one used to run Space Marines with Tau Allies (the centurion, Tiggy and Tau Commander Bomb) but might have the rethink that unfortunately! 

What're your thoughs everyone? 

Alles gute, 


  1. Traitor Guard and Blood Pact are a figment of our collective imagination, apparently......

  2. Tyranids can ally with Tyranids... praise be to glory & fame!!

  3. I dont see Chaos and Guard not being able to ally as ruining Traitor Guard. You can still ally with normal Marines. There are plenty of flavour there to use as 'Count As' to represent Chaos Legions. I would even argue you could make an even more competitive list with SM, BA or SW and Guard. Yes you cant have Oblits or Helldrake. But you can have units of CSM represented. And everyone is saying that Marines should not use the Daemon summoning psychic powers, well this is a way to justify as to why your Marines and Guard psychers are using the discipline.


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