Monday 19 May 2014

Changing editions, an awkward last date.

Changes of edition are rare, and with them comes the awkward last week of gaming.

I remember the change of last edition, and how in the last week of it, gaming was a little strange. It's like a Friday afternoon at work. You know there is only a little bit of time to go, so you let a few things slide past into the Monday tray. No one is going to be playing a serious game as they know the new rules are only a few days away. I wonder how this will impact on our tournament on the 31st. Are people still going to be in the tournament mindset, or will there be mass confusion? We will find out I guess.

Getting back on point. I was talking with a mate last week, who is relatively new to the game and still isn't 100% on all the rules. He wants a game this week, and I said I would happily oblige. I'm hoping that some of the major rules changes are leaked on Wednesday or Thursday so I can implement them silently into the game. No point blasting about psychic leadership tests whilst the new system is coming in! Won't really matter since it will be Dark Eldar vs Tau..... I guess we will just stick with the principles. I highly doubt Movement, shooting and combat will change dramatically. So we can just work with that. 

The change to 7th will be an awkward few weeks as there is a rush for rulebooks. Our first tournament in 7th will be at the end of June, and no doubt there will be a number of loophole lists around the place. I'll be most interested in seeing how armies shift with the ruleset. I remember the outcries that "mech was dead" at the beginning of 6th. Only for meltaguns to be switched to plasma, and anti vehicle weapons to be switched to anti mech an advantage.

Anyway, I'm interested to know what people have lined up for the last few days in 6th edition?


  1. We just played a DE vs necron/orks battle. It went great for the necrons and orks :).


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