Thursday 1 May 2014

1200pts of Ogres

So after recently purchasing a bunch of 2nd hand ogre models (you can see picks by following this link: I've managed to secure a few games on tonight!

I'm really excited for my first couple of Fantasy games using Ogre Kingdoms so here's what I've come up with (keep in mind I'm limited to using the models that I own while I wait for some ebay deliveries!):

Ogres 1200pts


Firebelly (General) 
- Level 2 Wizard 

- Battle Standard Bearer
- Great Weapon 
- Heavy Armour 


6 Ogres  
- Ironfists 

6 Ironguts 
- Full Command 
  - Standard of Discipline 


4 Leadbelchers 
- Musician  







So I'm sure the first thing you will notice is the lack of mournfangs.... Unfortunately these haven't arrived yet :( so I'm going to make do with what I have. 

The plan is to try and be aggressive, ensuring that I get the charge with my Iron Guts and regular Ogres. Depending on what I'm up against there might not be much need to use my Sabretusks as redirectors; I might instead use them to try and charge my opponents warmachines/artillery or to get in some flank charges for extra combat resolution.  

The Leadbelchers will be used to get rid of opponent chaff or redirectors and, if the opportunity presents itself, can dish out a decent beating to smaller units especially if they fail their fear test. I don't think the Ironblaster needs much of an explanation...

All in all the list is quite a fast moving one. I will of course be adding in Mournfangs and tweaking a few things here and there when more models arrive but for the time being it will be good to get some experience playing Ogres! 

I look forward to bringing you the battle reports and as I write this article I'm off to pick up some paints, so painting tutorials/progress are in order too.

Alles gute, 

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