Tuesday 11 February 2014

Book Review: Horus Heresy - Scars.

Author: Chris Wraight
40k Focus: White Scars.
Plot: The V legion, yet naive to the betrayal of the Warmaster, sets out to find the truth of disconcerting rumours. What they find will change their fates forever.
Legibility/Flow: 10/10.
Depth of story: 8/10.
Reader Engagement: 10/10.
Overall: 9/10

Let me explain why I gave it a 10/10 for legibility/flow AND engagement. I picked it up and read it.....in a day. Now that's something rare for someone who usually takes 2-3 weeks to trawl through a novel. My relationship with the Horus heresy has been a bit here and there lately. I've been cherry 
picking what I think looked interesting. I didn't know much about the White Scars, so I though it would be great to delve into some of their fluff. Wraight has done a brilliant job of capturing their sense of speed, ferocity and accuracy. Where I would argue that the Space Wolves are a double handed axe being ferrosioucly swung at an opponent head, the White Scars are a precision dagger strike to the heart. Speed wins the day for these boys, and there are plenty of scenes that feature it. The Stormcallers are pretty cool. A large part of the story is told via one of such psykers, and they were some of the best chapters.

As like most Horus Heresy novels, there is always some tie in with other story lines. It was nice to see Bjorn, the legendary space wolf, featured throughout the book. In fact, a solid part of the story features scenes with Russ and his entourage. I won't say much more on which legions are present as I think you will enjoy the surprise.

There isn't much I can say for the negative in this book. It reads well, it flows well, it's interesting, hell the only thing wrong with it was it didn't keep going! 

Highly recommended. You won't regret it.

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