Sunday 9 February 2014

TSOM proposed magazine. Thoughts?

Yo! So The Sound Of Machines is thinking about launching their own hobby magazine that covers all the major systems. Here is a link to the proposed info:



  1. If it is properly done and not some sad excuse of a publication I would buy it. I expect proper layouts and engaging articles. It must also look good graphically. Painting and gaming.

  2. One key problem I would warn you about is subject matter. What makes the magazine different to White Dwarf? What makes it different to other hobby magazines? Another question is availability. Will it be made available via IBooks? Can I get it on ereader?

    Digital content is your best option. I'm much more likely to keep a digital issue.

    If you're going to talk about gaming, I don't want to be reading about ridiculous combos, broken combinations or anything even remotely close to "how to play the game properly." If it's a gaming article, I want it to be well written, no bias, and has enough information and possible thoughts as to make me understand it better. Tournament calendar would be a good idea also (nationwide).

    I'll agree with Big Mike on this, about writing. I don't want to be reading some "guest article" that was thrown together by some guy in his basement. Or someone who isn't realistic about their writing capability. Every author should have a background in writing. A mix if systems would be nice.

  3. Would it be available worldwide?


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