Thursday 15 August 2013

Eldar Corsairs: The new rules for Warp Hunter and Hornet!

Just seen the new Apoc book from Forge World. I was only really interested in the changes to the Eldar units. Mixed bag in my opinion. Let's have a look:

Eldar Warp Hunter:
Hmm, 3 shots is pretty decent but small blast now? Not that keen. Especially since they are fired as barrage so random placement.

Points increase to. Up to 145 base. May take standard Eldar vehicle options. 

Eldar Hornet:

Well.......WOW! Ok so the base points went up by 5 points but seriously........a pulse laser for +5 points?!?!?!?! So....double Pulse laser Hornet is now 80 points a pop? YES PLEASE!

The Skimmer Assault special rule is pretty cool to. I wonder if Dark Eldar will get some form of similar rule to it.



  1. I ran the Warp Hunter on Monday with the new rules. the X3 is definitely an improvement. Prescience or Guide the bugger and you are likely to get x3 hits on a unit from it.I was averaging 15 hits per troop unit and x3 hits for vehicles. Also the price of the Unit went up, but the cost of Holo Fields went down by the same amount. A Warp Hunter + Holo fields is the same price as it was before.

  2. Barrage!
    LaSwcheet! Snipe Snipe Snipe

    Pulse Laser time- wildly good! Puts walkers to shame now. Just need a Forge World tourney to use them..

  3. what book are these new rules in i cant find them anywhere i my friend wont let me use these till i know what book there from

    1. The IA Apocolypse book:

  4. I gotta say Hornet is really good. Squadron costs 240p with pulse lasers and deals 12 s8 ap2 shots. Av11-11-10... Fast Skimmer. That is one of the meanest thing Eldars can carry and... Hornet is gorgeous model... and it won't break a bank like Scorpion or Cobra...


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