Thursday 15 August 2013

Space Marine Rules #6. COME ON!

Damn. So. Much. Info.


Via 40k Radio:

Again, I have added (brackets) for scope.


1) How many points is a LS typhoon?
 typhoon 75 points

 2) How many points for a dakka pred/las pred?
 Las 140 and Dakka 95 

3) Did they reduce the points cost for a captain? Or still the
boring old 100.

Captain is 90 


(Can you have mixed chapters in together in a single primary detachment) No they would have to ally those detachments together.


1) How does work sergeants on tac squads? there is an extra cost for sergeant and veteran sergeant like dark angels?

Same as DA.

Attack Bikes are now 45

3) Is there any unit or weapon in the new codex with Interceptor rule?

4) Any changes on Land Speeders?



Khan 125 and bike 25.


(AA Tank)
1)S7 AP4 Range 48"
2)You can split fire
3)Glorified Autocannon
4)Range 60" (Missle??)


(Assualt Marines) 17pts and no they can't be troops or take meltaguns.

No jump packs for command or honor guard.  


 Raven Guard Stealth applies to vehicles to.


Kantor still gives his 12" attack bubble.


Helbrecht does not (have orbital bombardment).


Shotguns still assault 2 str4.


Everything looking good.

If you missed the post on Grav Weapons then see it here:  


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