Thursday 9 January 2014

Warzone Tournaments.

Well, we seem to have gotten ourselves into something here: Tournament organisation. It started off with just a one off LOTR tournament on the 4th of January. However, now we have been recruited to run the events at our local GW.

First up, this is our tournament schedule for the next few months:

40k Warzone Open - 22nd February. 750 points, no Escalation, but IA allowed. 20-30 players expected.

Sydney Mountain top - 8th March. 500 points The Hobbit tournament. Locals expected.

Warzone Open: LOTR - 29th March. Regional 500 point tournament for The Hobbit. Interstate players expected.

The main aim of us running these tournaments is to bring competitive gaming to the less competitive players. There is no doubt that it is a completely different crowd between the GW tournaments and the independent ones. However, there is a problem with the GW tournaments in that they are usually way too many points for the allotted time slot. So, we have been ruthless. 750 points for 40k, and 500 for LOTR. Both of which must be played in 90 minute time slots. I can speak for a lot of people when I say that it is far better to play smaller games, and get to turn 4 or 5, then play 1500-1850 games and finish on turn two.

Currently, we don't have any plans to run fantasy tournaments. It is rather difficult to get fantasy players into these events, so we will just stick with what we know will get a turnout. 

The players packs we present have had mixed responses, some say it doesn't fit in with the normal tournament values. However, we don't particularly care. Our aim is to reward players for bringing themed lists, and have it so your chances of getting a prize aren't reliant on your ability to smash your opponent. You can only be eligible for one prize. I won't like, when Spicerack and I took home 2nd place, Best Sports and Best Painted at a GW doubles, we felt pretty good. However, the look of dissapointment on other people's faces made me think that the system wasn't great. We understand that the majority of the GW players aren't interested in bringing the most OP list, they are more concerned with painting/sports/theme. So, to represent that, uur prize format is usually as follows:

3rd (12 player minimum)
Best Sports
Best Painted.
Door prizes (Randomised to the people who have not recieved an award - One for every four players after 12 player minimum)
Best Themed Overall (Minimum 24 players)
2nd Place Sports (Minimum 30 players)
2nd Place Painted (Minimum 30 players)
2nd Place overall Themed (Minimum 30 players)

The prize pool for 1-3rd will be capped so no matter how many players there are, you will win that fixed amount. 


12 players: 6 of those would go home with a prize.
24 players: 10 of those would go home with a prize.
32 players: 15 of those would go home with a prize. 

Seems pretty good to me!


  1. "Some say it doesn't fit in with the normal tournament values. However, we don't particularly care."

  2. I was in a GW tournament that came to my small town many years ago. I took charge of an old chaos crazy dreadnought. I ended up killing Abaddon and his bodyguard with it. Afterwards they awarded me with certificate to notify my outstanding victory. Perhaps you could award something similar to a grand feat of bravery etc?

  3. I like the format & ive been enjoying the challenge of creating a 750 point list. Im really looking forward to the 40k event & hope to see more of them in the future. Heck, id do this every weekend!


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