Thursday 9 January 2014

Is GW dumb or just bad at math?

I was checking the prices of Nids in the GW website, and I realized about something either dumb or dumb:
20 Termagants pack : 72$
12 Termagants pack: 48$
5 Termagants pack: 14$

You don't have to be a heinous to realize that 14X4=56$ 
You're saving 16$ just by getting them in packs of 5s instead of 20s. Is GW going to change this or they will leave it as it is? I know what I would do for sure. But first I have to trade my Grey Knights army for some more Nids. Anyone keen? Hehehe


  1. Its the difference between push-fit and multi-part.

  2. That is pretty funny actually.

  3. Yeah, to be fair, the cheaper ones are pretty terrible minis.

    1. That said, the title of the post still applies if you look at some of the rumored changes which seem to indicate an inability to do basic probabilities.

  4. They are Termies, they are meant to be cheap and I don't think anyone will care if they can save a few dollars, well actually a lot of dollars.

  5. You do also get the Rippers too but I get your point. The bigger incentive is cash flow, I think it's often easier on the pocket to buy just 5 than go for 20. It maybe cheaper sometimes to buy in bulk but sometimes I'd rather have that extra cash in my pocket.

  6. Well, that's if you don't plan on using anything other than fleshborers, because 5 pack is snap-fit without anything else.


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