Wednesday 8 January 2014

Rumour Watch: Tyranid Psychic Powers and Unique Wargear AND Biomorphs!!

Alright, just had this drop into my inbox. Still considered rumours, but seems pretty likely since he claims to have the codex. I've summarised it as follows:

Dominion - +6" Synapse.

1. Catalyst: Blessing, 12" range. Target psyker + unit + another within 12". FNP.
2. The Horror: Target unit must take a pinning test immediately.
3. Onslaught: Target unit may run and then shoot.
4. Paroxysm: Enemy unit's WS and BS reduced by D3.
5. Psychic Scream: Nova power, 6". Each unit hit takes a 2d6+2 Ld test. Number of wounds are taken equal to the amount failed. No cover or armour saves allowed.
6. Warp Blast: Warp charge 2. Burst mode, 24" str5 AP3 blast. Lance mode, 18" str10 AP2 Lance.

Unique Wargear:

The Maw-Claws of Thyrax: S-User. AP5. Rending and Assimilate. Assimilate is if you kill an enemy model, you gain preferred enemy against units from that codex.

The Norn Crown: +6" Synapse.

The Miasma Cannon: Two Modes. Miasmic spit - 36" S1, AP4, Assault 1 Blast, Poison 2+ OR Template, S1, AP4, Poision 2+

The Ymgarl Factor: Same table as from previous codex.

The Reaper of Obliterax: Basically a Bone Sword but with +1 Str, Shred and +3 initiative.

 Via BOLS Flangenabber:

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