Wednesday 8 January 2014

Tyranid Rules Info

Some rules from Warseer

via Sinsigel on Warseer

Instinctive behaviour for instance have become more detailed, needing to roll a D6 to further figure out what specific effects it brings.
(For each Lurk, Hunt, Feed behaviour, roll a D6 : there are results for rolls of 1~3, 5, 6 respectively)

 Speaking of lictors, these are what I remember so far : Deep Strike, No scattering, acting as living locator beacon.

Synapse Creature : 12" Fearless and auto-regroup

Adrenalin Gland : Furious Charge and Fleet

Toxic Sacs : poisoned CC

Lictors : Now have infiltrate but without bonus to reserve rolls. About 20% pts drop
Deathleaper : Slight pts reduction, Changed to HQ. Has warlord traits giving additional VP when wins challenge.
No fearless but gained infiltrate. Enemies can only shoot snap shots against it and it still give penalty to enemy leadership.

No what was that and where'd it go 

Tail weapons : CC weapon. Four kinds

1) S8, AP- 
2) S6, AP5
3) Poisoned
4) S4 AP4 Rending 

Ravener : Slightly less attack. No acute senses and no move through cover
May take expensive champion upgrade which can remove infantry model in b2b if all attacks hit. 

Some of the psychics are : -D3 to WS and BS ; Allows friendly unit to run and shoot 

Rending Claws have AP value of bolter. And No ymgarls 

Hive tyrant can still give outflank to one troop unit by purchasing extra upgrade. Can only use tyranid psychics. So no biomancy

Flesh hook without rending

No 2+ armour for carnifexes. Although tyrants, tervigon and trygon can take it via bio-artifacts.(See below)

There are few bio-artifacts compared to other codices.
Some of them are : Bonesword with strength buff ; Ymgarl transformation(Which can increase armour save slightly)

Trygon of both kind are bit cheaper at the cost of slightly less attack. The tunnel rule remains largely unchanged

Instictive behaviours are fixed per unit just like former codex.
However, there are three specific results per behaviour depending on dice. 

Lurk : Fall Back / Can shoot only when hidden / Can shot only when hidden + Stealth

Hunt : Go to Ground / Shoot closest unit / Shoot closest enemy unit + Preferred Enemy

Feed : Inflicting hits on themselves / Assault closest enemy units / Assualt closest enemy unit + Rage

So what you all think? These are genuine, the guy proved it with pics of him and the codex.

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