Friday 24 January 2014

Warhammer Fantasy: Allied Contingents?

Just found my old Kislev codex back from 2003. It made me think about how Allied contingents could be introduced into fantasy. 

So, back in 6th edition Kislev, you could take:

1-2 Character, 1-3 Core and 0-2 Special choices in under 2,000 points.

Obviously that system can't work anymore since the move to % values. Yet, it could easily be replicated in that format. Maybe it could consist of:

No more than 25% of your force may be spent on allies. Of that 25%, you must have 25% spent on Core choices, up to 25% on Heroes and 25% on special.

In a standard 2,400 point game, that means you could have:

Noble, Ogre Blade, Shield and Barded horse.
14 Silver Helms, full command.
7 Reavers.

That's not bad overall. 

Obviously you would be restricted by Forces of Evil/Good, but the restrictions and guidelines are pretty much already there. Furthermore, I wonder if GW is testing the waters with the Mercenary system as a tester for Allied armies in 9th edition? It's possible, but is complete wishlisting.

I for one am hoping that this move happens. Everyone had a meltdown in 40k when the move occurred, but not that the dust has settled, it isn't given a second glance.

I would definitely be running Dwarves and High Elves together.

What about you?


  1. Dwarves and elves...together? C'mon, now, respect the fluff! :)

    Myself? The Chaos armies are just begging for it; I'd love to run my Chaos Dwarves and Warriors together. The Throne of Tamurkhan allows for it, but it would be better if GW formally said it was okay before any potential opponents got their nerd rage on over the unfairness of using FW with "real" GW armies, never mind the "brokenness" of the new Followers of Hashut.

    1. Maybe I could do a themed army pre-war? Lol, I know. I would also look forward to Wood Elves / High Elves, or even Lizardmen.

    2. FW is broken. Its basically paying absurd amounts of money to win without having to bother with tactics......


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